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Success Stories


Many cases investigated including federal, state, county, and local matters are handled by our team.

Recent cases included a Buffalo, MN Detective found to have lied on the stand several times and in reports resulting in a case dismissal.  If you have had a case with a Buffalo Police Department Detective please call us and we will help.  We compiled a list of what are called Brady Cops, Cops that have lied or were found to have lied by a judge.  These officers no longer have credibility and we have a list of these officers and what you can do if you have contact with these types of officers.  


Stearns County, MN Domestic Assault - Dismissed  April 2018

Dakota County, MN Stalking - Continued for Dismissal Jan 2018 after showing the female reporting party was manipulating our client and using the police to further her lie.   

Federal Jury acquits our client Michael Griffin on 6 criminal counts and civil rights violations after a lengthy trial April 16, 2016.

Waconia, MN July 2016 a foreign national married an unsuspecting young woman or the purpose of acquiring USA Visa extension.  The individual was dodging legal document service until we tracked him and located him to finalize this process.  The young woman and her family were able to resume their life now that the foreign national was no longer taking advantage of the system.


Northfield, Minnesota December 2015.  A college student was accused of sexual misconduct.  After our investigation, it was determined that male sports figures can be the target of unfounded allegations resulting in expulsion from the college.  The college reviewed our investigation, strayed from the national bandwagon, cleared our client’s name, and denied the appeal of the accuser resulting in no criminal charges filed. 


Alexandria, Minnesota; Second Degree Murder Intentional Murder, Second Degree Unintentional Murder, and Murder in the Third Degree - All charges were dismissed May 1, 2014, after a lengthy investigation by our investigators.


Kanabec County; 4 Counts of Felony Terroristic Threats, "The Court concludes that a reasonable person reading these comments, in the online context as presented, would not view them as a threat to cause harm to the elected officials." "The charges against the Defendant as set forth in the criminal complaint are dismissed and the criminal file shall be closed."


United States Federal Case; Despite three weeks of evidence, 55 witnesses presented by the United States Government against 4 defendants, Attorney Patrick Flanagan was able to secure a not guilty verdict on a complicated bank fraud case for his client with the help of Cayo and Associates.   Unfortunately, this case also resulted in guilty verdicts on two other bank fraud charges and one conspiracy count.


Sherburne County Minnesota 2015 One count 5th Degree Domestic Assault - Dismissed.  The neighbors were not interviewed by law enforcement.  After our interviews, the prosecutor dismissed the case


Sherburne County Minnesota, 2015 Two counts 5th Degree Assault - Client found not guilty by a jury.  Several witnesses were interviewed to explain the details of what really happened. 


Anoka County; All charges dismissed for a GM domestic assault.  Our investigators were able to show that the complaining witness was not truthful about many details which resulted in all charges being dismissed and exonerating a falsely accused client. October 2014


Wright County; All charges dismissed Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Force or Coercion  609.344.1(c) Felony  04/16/2011 Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Victim Mental Impair/Helpless 609.344.1(d) Felony Attempted Criminal Sex Conduct-5th Degree-Nonconsensual Sex Contact.


Clearwater County; Client was clearly overcharged and falsely accused with overwhelming evidence of a non-credible complaining witness.   This case consisted of procedural problems with evidence collection, ethics violations by the state, DNA gathering problems, medical professionals acting outside of their specialty areas and an accused person who was physically unable to perform the alleged acts. The client was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct-1st Degree-Penetration -Fear Great Bodily Harm, Criminal Sexual Cond-1st Degree-Penetration -Use Force/Coerce, Criminal Sex Conduct-2nd Degree-Fear Great Bodily Harm, Criminal Sex Conduct-2nd Degree-Personal Injury-Force/Coerce, Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Force or Coercion.  After a trial the judge acquitted our client of all charges.


Family court case July 2014 in Wright County, MN.  Arizona Father was awarded sole physical custody after an extensive investigation revealing the harm and neglect the biological mother was causing her children while the father was away from Minnesota.


Wright County; Charges dismissed – disorderly conduct.


Anoka County; Criminal Sex Conduct-5th Degree-Nonconsensual Sex Contact 609.3451.1(1) Gross Misdemeanor Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Victim 13-15 Actor >24m older 609.344.1(b) Felony.  Cayo and Associates aided in helping to get the felony Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) dismissed. 


Stearns County; Assault-1st Degree-Great Bodily Harm (Not applicable - GOC) Felony, Assault-3rd Degree-Substantial Bodily Harm Explosives - Handling while influenced by alcohol or drug – Prohibition.  Outcome of this case was a Stay of Imposition.       


Sherburne County; Disorderly conduct resulting in a Stay of Adjudication


Sherburne County; Assault-3rd Degree-Substantial Bodily Harm – Acquitted Jury Trial


Sherburne County; 3 felony counts of Terroristic Threats-Reckless Disregard Risk – 2 counts dismissed and a Stay of Imposition on the 3rd count.


Wright County; Felony count of HRO and a GM HRO reduced to one GM HRO violation


Isanti County; Theft-Indifferent to Owner Rights, Gross Misdemeanor, Theft-Intent to Restore Only for Reward, Felony, Theft-Take/Drive Motor Vehicle-No Owner Consent, Felony.  This case involved several hours of tracking complex financial records resulting in the dismissal of the felony charges and a Stay of Adjudication for the lesser offense.


Hennepin County; Client was charged with the malicious punishment of a child.  After our investigation, the prosecutor decided not to pursue charges.


Dakota County; Client was charged with 16 counts of CSC and 1 count of prostitution.  After and lengthy and intensive investigation the 15 counts of CSC and 1 count of prostitution were dismissed with the client deciding to plead to 1 count CSC.


Client was charged with 1 count of Felony Inciting a Riot, and 1 count of Misdemeanor Disorderly conduct.  After locating and interviewing multiple additional witnesses not initially interviewed by law enforcement, All charges were dismissed by the state based on the interviews performed by the defense Investigator.


Civil Personal Injury suit.  Interview by the Investigator of the witness riding in the defendant’s vehicle indicated that the defendant was negligent, and caused the automobile accident, resulting in injury to the plaintiff.  The settlement was reached with the insurance company based on the interview conducted by Investigator.


Client was charged with 2 counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct First Degree. The state made a final pre-trial offer of 15 years prison, the offer was rejected by client.  Numerous witnesses not initially interviewed by law enforcement were located, interviewed, and subpoenaed for trial. The state dismissed all charges based on interviews performed by the defense investigator.


Client was charged with Misdemeanor theft.  After thorough review of surveillance video footage included within discovery evidence,   evidence within the surveillance footage not initially observed by law enforcement was observed by the Defense Investigator, which resulted in all charges being dismissed against client.


Client was charged with 1 count Misdemeanor theft, and 1 count Misdemeanor reckless driving.  After re-interview of state witnesses, information was developed resulting in All charges being dismissed against client.


Client was charged with 1 count Misdemeanor Assault .  After the Defense Investigator re-interviewed the victim, and canvassed the residences surrounding the location of incident, witnesses were located that exonerated the client, and actually indicated the victim as being the aggressor in the incident.  The victim inadvertently admitted during re-interview by the Defense Investigator, that he had omitted information showing that he was the aggressor in the incident.  All charges were dismissed based on the re-interview of the victim, and the new witness interviews provided by the Defense Investigator.


Client was charged with 1 count Felony Aggravated theft in excess of $10,000 and 1 count misdemeanor Criminal Mischief,  After an in depth investigation performed by the Defense Investigator, information was developed which resulted in all charges dismissed by the State.


Client was charged with 1 count Felony Murder, 1 count Felony Manslaughter and 1 count Felony Assault.  After an exhaustive and extremely thorough investigation performed by Defense Investigators including the development of multiple witnesses not initially interviewed by law enforcement, multiple surveillance operations performed by Defense Investigators which resulted in identification and location of a NEW SUSPECT, the client was exonerated and charges were dismissed for murder and manslaughter, although the client was convicted of the charge of assault.  Defense Investigators actually developed enough information via location of witnesses and informants, to facilitate the arrest of the TRUE MURDERER, who eventually admitted guilt. Conviction of the individual RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MURDER ORIGINALLY CHARGED TO THE CLIENT was successful. 


Another high-profile 1st-degree murder case where the client was tried and his name dragged through the media.  After 8 months of investigation, Cayo and Associates uncovered errors in nearly all parts of the prosecution’s case.  We were able to show that DNA collected was not properly tested, the venue was undetermined, the cell phone logs and other technology matters were overlooked, and many witnesses were not interviewed.  This was a classic case where detectives and police failed to eliminate other suspects and investigated a case to prove who they thought was the perpetrator. 



*The above cases are actual cases handled by our investigators and private detectives.  Case numbers have been omitted to protect the privacy of our clients. 


I want to personally thank Gary Cayo and the FOP for their support and help during my case. Gary Cayo and others provided insight and assistance to my attorney that was invaluable.

I was facing insurmountable odds going up against the awesome and overwhelming might of the U.S. federal government/U.S attorney's office and without the assistance of Gary on behalf of the FOP with this case I am certain that the outcome would have certainly been different.

On behalf of me and my entire family we thank you for volunteering to step in and get involved. Words cannot EVER express our true gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for us!

Thank you again and God bless you all!!!

Yours truly,
Griffin Family


I have had the pleasure to retain former law enforcement detective Tim Trocke from Cayo & Associates LLC, Private Investigations on numerous occasions for my criminal defense files.  My clients and I have always been extremely pleased with the work product.  Witnesses are always located and detailed, on point interviews are always completed.  The work requested is always completed immediately, professionally and at a cost that is very reasonable.  I highly recommend Tim Trocke and Cayo & Associates LLC, Private Investigations. 


Patrick W. FlanaganLawyer

Office: 651-291-5453

Cell: 651-214-7209

Fax: 651-200-3486


Cayo and Associates have provided exceptional and ethical private investigation for my law firm on all types of criminal and civil matters.  They are always very thorough and prompt with any requests and have been able to conduct top notch investigations which have led to amazing results for my clients.  Whenever I have any issue that needs investigation I call Tim or Gary and they always get the job done and done right.  Their experience and expertise produces phenomenal results.   I would recommend them to anyone in need of the services of a private investigator.


Heather Olson

Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense Attorney

105 Second Street South, Suite 3

Buffalo, MN  55313

Phone: 763-682-4009

Cell: 763-244-4908

Fax: 763-445-2145


I have worked with Tim on some very difficult matters. He has excellent insight and knowledge. In addition, his significant experience in the field allows him to suggest follow up activities and new directions within a matter ; such assistance adds depth and tremendous value to the investigation.

Finally, Tim has the personal and professional integrity to make him a perfect witness. I would not hesitate to use his services in my most serious matters.


John C. Conard

Law Offices of John C. Conard

7582 Currell Boulevard
Suite 212
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: 651-346-0493
Fax: 651-204-2127 - See more at:


"Kudos for outperforming the Alexandria Police Dept., the BCA, the MOCIC Federal Intelligence Unit, and the Scottsdale, AZ Police Dept."


Ryan Else

Associate Attorney at Law Office of Brockton D. Hunter, P.A.

Lake Calhoun Executive Center

3033 Excelsior Blvd., Suite 550     Minneapolis, MN 55416 Phone: 612-874-1625

Fax: 612-824-0311


Hey Tim,


I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that Ryan Purick and yourself were very instrumental in allowing me to get sole physical custody of >>>> and <<<<.  We received word yesterday that the judge sided with us.  I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done to make this a reality.  Have a great day and again, thank you with all my heart!


C. L.

Mesa, AZ


I have had contact with our legal system for more than 40 years and it takes a lot to impress me.


Gary Cayo of Cayo & Associates LLC is a hands on professional who gets the job done in a diligent and expert manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him.


R. R.

Del Mar, Ca.


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