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Speciality Areas

Below is a brief synopsis of our specialty services.
Criminal Defense - Legal Investigations


Legal investigations in the areas of Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury rely heavily on locating witnesses and tracking digital information, and require experts with excellent interviewing skills who thrive at thinking outside of the box. Our Investigators have the field experience and skills to find the best potential resolution to your case. We realize that we are an extension of the law firms we represent, and we take pride in the professionalism we exercise while demonstrating a strong work and investigation ethic.



Employee theft & Covert cameras


Employee theft amounts to a staggering loss for business owners, public employers, and their clients every year. Retirement communities, assisted living communities, and nursing home residents often experience loss caused by facility care providers. Our agency will find out who is stealing from you and/or your valuable clients by placing hidden cameras to catch thieves in the act, and will conduct interviews that often result in theft confessions far beyond the hidden camera evidence. Hidden cameras are a valuable tool not only to catch thieves, but also to ensure that those whom you have trusted (such as nannies and childcare providers, maids, contractors, repair services, and others that you allow into your home) are not violating that trust.  


Background Investigations


Our agency possesses the resources and experience to provide background investigations for nearly every purpose. Criminal background checks can be performed for your childcare provider, for your child’s potential spouse, or for any other purpose you see fit. Pre-employment backgrounds are offered, from a basic background check to a complete comprehensive law enforcement background investigation. We will conduct background investigations according to your needs and in accordance with licensing requirements for federal, state and local agencies.



We train our military personnel to be unstoppable in the theater of war. Yesterday, they were fighting and perhaps even killing to protect our way of life. And today, we ask the same soldiers to come home, forget all of their troubling experiences, and assimilate back to normal life. We understand that returning home is a process, and that it’s unreasonable to assume our military service members can adjust to civilian life overnight. We take great pride in offering our services and access to experts to help those Veterans who have landed in the criminal justice system, or even those Veterans going through family struggles. We believe it is our turn to serve you for all of the sacrifices you’ve made for us.

Asset Search and Person Location

​Whether a person is attempting to evade a debt, judgment, child support order, or otherwise, our agency possesses the skills and database resources necessary to locate the individual and to research the potential assets owned by them.


Mobile Surveillance

Whether your case involves a workers compensation insurance claim, a dishonest employee, infidelity, workplace violence, or any other surveillance need, conducting vehicle or mobile foot surveillance requires skill, experience, and the right equipment.  Our Investigators have decades of combined experience conducting successful surveillance operations.  We have the resources and the most up to date technology to conduct mobile surveillance in an effective, efficient and covert manner.

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