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Private Investigators, Forensic Accountant and Mitigation Specialist

Gary Cayo - Investigator



Education and Experience


  • University of Minnesota Graduate

  • 31 years Law Enforcement experience

  • 10 years Assigned to Investigation Division

  • Trained Homicide investigator St. Paul Police

  • 2 years General Investigator

  • 8 years Unit Supervisor

  • REID and Advanced Interviewing trained

  • 25 years Use of Force Instructor

  • Certified Firearms Instructor

  • Classroom Use of Force Instructor for POST Board

  • 20 years conducting Background investigations

  • 25 years Trained Hostage Negotiator

  • 1994 Officer of the Year

  • State President for Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police

  • 2017 Fraternal Order of Police Officer of the Year


Community Involvement


  • 1995 Awarded William H Spurgeon by the Boy Scouts of America

  • 2003 Award the Silver Beaver by Boy Scouts of America - the highest award given to volunteers.


Judy Enders, CPA, CITP, CFE


Education and Experience


  • Master’s Degree (MBA with emphasis in Accounting)

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting – University of MN, Carlson School of Management

  • Certified Information Technology Professional

  • Certified Fraud Examiner

  • 25 years accounting, financial reporting and electronic data analysis experience

  • Business valuation and economic damage analysis

  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud investigation

  • Perform forensic analysis of financial records

  • Conduct interviews and prepare memorandum of interviews

  • Examine evidence and prepare reports of findings (i.e. declarations and expert witness reports)

  • Assist legal counsel in identifying strengths and weaknesses in civil and criminal cases

  • Expert witness services

  • Divorce investigation - locate hidden assets, trace income and property, business valuation, ability to pay analysis for alimony and child support

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Analyze risk, control environment and internal control systems.

  • Develop and implement fraud prevention policies, procedures and communication standards

  • Develop and conduct fraud prevention training



  • Minnesota Society of CPA’s

    American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

  • Forensic and Valuation section member

  • Information Technology section member

  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


Tim Trocke - Investigator



Education and Experience


  • Master’s Degree (MBA) from MSB
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA) from U of MN
  • 10 years Criminal Defense Investigator (CDI) State of Minnesota
  • 11 years Law Enforcement Experience
  • Criminal Investigator for 7 Years
  • Background Investigator
  • Internal Affairs Investigator
  • Evidence and Crime Scene Technician
  • Computer Crime Investigator Certified
  • Cornerhouse Certified (Child Forensic Interviewing)
  • REID and Advanced Interviewing trained
  • Offered opinion testimony - acquittal for client. 02-CR-09-6371
  • Federal Case Investigations
  • Criminal Justice Instructor
  • Business Law Instructor
  • National Trainer and Presenter
Community Involvement


  • Former Assistant Scoutmaster Boy Scouts of America Troop 352
  • Former President Local Lodge 15 Fraternal Order of Police



Amy Butler, Mitigation Specialist


As a full service Private Investigation agency, we utilize the services of a the following dispositional advisor:


Amy Butler is a highly qualified dispositional advisor, sentencing advocate, and mitigation specialist. Amy graduated from Ripon College with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.  Amy is well respected by the court system because of her thorough investigative skills, valid insights into defendants, and ability to create big-picture solutions. Amy not only tells your story, she gives you the tools necessary to improve the way your story ends.


  • Able to assist with any type of criminal case: state and federal, juvenile and adult

  • Complete social history investigations, including detailed information about social, biological, and environmental factors

  • Identify additional experts, act as liaison with expert and formulate referral questions

  • Assess the criminogenic needs of the client and connect client to necessary resources

  • Guide clients through complicated legal and social service systems

  • Provide extra support to clients, reducing the burden on attorneys

  • Make alternative recommendations for the court to consider.

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