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Welcome to Cayo & Associates

When you need professional results...hire our experienced investigators.

As a full service private investigation firm, we GET RESULTS by offering insight and knowledge combined with more than forty years of experience in the investigative field. Our private investigators have access to industry experts, offer a network of resources, and support while utilizing advanced technology. Our team consists of retired law enforcement professionals, investigators, and experts from a variety of other professions. When you compare our professional experience, education, and price, you will see why Cayo & Associates, LLC Private Investigations is the superior choice. We have what it takes to get results!


We offer our clients strategies and design personal advice in choosing defensive measures of protecting assets, residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and educational institutions. A complete risk assessment will be completed, including a review of current security, crime rates in your area, safety codes, and personal safety awareness. We can also present safety tips for the workplace to your employees. Call for a free consultation today!



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